A short puzzle game about landscaping. Make each garden beautiful by trimming then watering all the hedges! Annoyingly, your hedgetrimmer's cord is dragging all over the place... try not to get tangled up in it!

I Wish I Had a Cordless Hedgetrimmer features an original puzzle system and 6 levels with an expected playtime of about 10 minutes. 

About Development

This game was developed as a student project at DigiPen Institute of Technology and was created for educational purposes only. Please check out our publisher page for more information.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorDigiPen Institute of Technology
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, digipen, Farming, Non violent, PuzzleScript, Short, Singleplayer, student
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice idea! I think I might have liked the earlier levels better which felt a bit more constrained, although the old “watering can shuffle” is pretty funny. Very nice ending :)

this is gamer

Wow, so much easier with the cordless one!

I really liked this: the "cord" mechanic was pretty familiar (the idea of not retracing your steps and having to leave room to go back), but the ability to switch to the watering can--and then back again--isn't something I've seen before.  (I don't know if I did the last level as intended: there was a lot of "two steps with the cord, switch to the can, go to the other side of the cord, pick it up again, two more steps with the cord..." going on.  But hey, it worked.)

Very nice! Even the title is funny! I think the first level is too hard. Maybe add a tutorial.

The concept of this game is good, the execution could have been a bit better.